Welcome, I’m Ind!

A twenty-something Yorkshire lass, with a recent love of all things natural hair.

I have always loved curly hair, I just never loved my own.

I was uneducated, uninspired and unmotivated to look after my curls, so much so that it felt it was easier to straighten it. Everyday. For years. I don’t regret those hair days, but I do regret how much I detested my natural hair.

I moved into the natural hair world a couple of years ago and I was overwhelmed with the amount of products, information and knowledge that I felt I had to acquire. I went through a process of trying the wrong products and got disappointing results. I was (and still am) away from my multicultural hometown where hair shops are much more common, so I found products hard to find and expensive. At the time, I had no idea I could buy products online. But over time, I got clued up on products and ingredients and started on my journey to achieving my own hair goals.

My aim with this blog is to share my natural hair journey, whether that be hair cuts , protective styles, random hair thoughts or hair experiments. Alongside this, I will be including in-depth product reviews so that you can find what works for your hair. Products can be expensive and potentially inaccessible based on where you live, therefore, it is impractical to try and test all the hair products out there. Your natural hair is beautiful product-free, but if you have particular goals in mind, the right products can help achieve those goals!

It is important that I embed some of my values into my hair care journey. Therefore, I will be conscious of sharing more ethical and sustainable hair care brands, as well as highlighting brands that are owned by Black creators and entrepreneurs. I am aware than any level of consumerism will have an impact on the environment, so I hope to move into using even less plastic and endeavour to buy products that are vegan and cruelty free. I will never waste products, I will gift to family/friends or find other uses for products that aren’t a good match for my hair. I am also passionate about supporting smaller business, so I will showcase some products from local, smaller businesses that may not have been on your radar.

I hope this blog is easily accessible, user friendly and a dream to navigate. I learn the best through pictures, diagrams and visual information, so expect lots of photos and bits of information in colourful, bite-size chunks.

As always, feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome!

Ind x

Disclaimer *Unfortunately, I am not a hair care professional. The information in my blog is based on self-acquired knowledge and all product reviews are based on entirely my own opinion and in accordance with my own hair. Where information, research or stats have been cited, I will reference all sources of information throughout this blog*