Returning to my natural hair

I have had the best time with my hair over the years. But if you ask my hair, it probably wouldn’t say it’s had the best time.

Returning to my natural hair wasn’t really a process. One day I woke up and instead of straightening my hair as I had been for years, I just left it natural. That was two years ago. I had just moved into a 9-5 and I was so stretched for time and the adjustment to working a different schedule was a shock to the system. It was a lot trying to adjust to waking up early, working 9 – 5, trying to see friends, doing sport or going to the gym after work and returning home late. To then add washing, blow drying and straightening my hair in amongst this was impossible; I decided that was enough.

Before returning to my natural hair, I had attempted to leave it in its natural state a few times, but I always gave up after a day or so and straightened it. My hair before being natural was a journey in itself. Here’s a visual board of my hair over the years prior to my return to natural.

A collection of my hair looks over the years…

I love how my hair looked in some of these pictures, but I now feel I have a choice to wear it straight, rather than feeling like straight hair was the only way I suited my hair and the only way I could ‘manage’ it.

I will be mainly focusing on my hair journey, product reviews and natural hair topics. I’m no expert, but I aim to share information in an easy, simple and visual way as possible, to help you wherever you are in your journey.

Natural hair is both powerful and empowering. It can feel like there is a lot to learn, and access to this information can feel quite daunting. I know my hair journey will be lifelong – I don’t have a specific destination in mind. I hope that compiling this journey is both reflective for me and informative for you.

Ind x

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